What is Hydrocal?

  • Hydrocal is simply a very hard casting plaster.

Why do you cast the kits in Hydrocal instead of plastic or resin?

  • We use Hydrocal because it accepts paint exceptionally well. When finished properly, it looks much more realistic than any other material. In fact, we feel that the only other materials that look more realistic are actual brick or stone.

What type of glue should I use to glue the castings together?

  • We recommend 5 minute epoxy, although you can also use super glue, white glue or even yellow carpenters glue.

Is it possible to glue a casting back together if I drop and break it?

  • Very often, yes. Use super glue or 5 minute epoxy. If you cannot repair it, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll send you a replacement piece at no charge.

The kits in the photos look so realistic, what’s the secret?

  • There is no secret, the unique detail & character is cast right in, and the Hydrocal simply looks very realistic when painted because of the very flat finish it produces.

Do you explain how to paint the kits in your instructions?

  • Yes, we walk you through, step by step, not assuming that all modelers are fine artists.

Are the signs included?

  • Yes, all signs and awnings shown are included.

Are the kits difficult to put together?

  • No. We provide easy to understand, step by step instructions that cover everything from what type of glue to use to what color paints we recommend. We try to keep the kits as simple as possible. Most kits are made up of 4 wall castings, the doors & windows and the signs. Most of the work (actually, the fun part) involves painting the kit and adding the signs.


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