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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my new site! It not only has stores for each of the different types of products that I manufacture (model railroad structure kits, military diorama kits and slot car scenic accessories), but it will also be updated regularly so you can see what else new is going on in my workshop here in the mountains of Montana.

What's new for 2024? Coming soon is the Rat Hole Biker/Punk Club, available in N, HO & O Scales.


Randy Pepprock, owner.


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Our kits are the best you can buy for three reasons!

  • One

    Attention to detail & realism. All of the original pattern work is hand carved by an artisan for maximum realism. This allows Downtown Deco & Dioramas Plus kits to include details you'll never find in other kits. Missing and chipped bricks, 'ghost' staircases and walls,  crumbling stucco and cracked and weathered concrete. If you can find it in real life you'll see it in one of our kits!

  • Two

    Ease of construction. We try & keep the kits simple so you can get to the fun part (painting & weathering the buildings) fairly quickly. Our instructions are second to none, with complete, easy to understand instructions that walk you through each and every step along the way, from basic assembly to painting & weathering the model.

  • Three

    Customer service. Got a question about weathering your model? Give us a call. End up with a broken part somehow? We'll replace the parts for free. Paint your first hydrocal kit & you're unhappy with the way it came out? Drop us an email & we'll send you a second set of castings so that you can try again. Why do we do this? Because we want you to have fun with our kits and to be happy with your finished results. If you need anything at all touch base with us & we'll help you out. Our customer service is second to none.